Presenting Tips for Elon’s Love School of Business


For your presentations:

  • If you must use bullet points: 7 bullets is the max amount of information an audience can remember
    • Images are better than words!
  • NEVER use full sentences on your slides! Your audience gets the information from YOU!
  • CONNECT with your audience. . . tell us why we should care about your product, service, or solution
  • BACK UP what you say with GOOD DATA
  • Know your judging criteria
  • Stay within time

Tips from Pete:

  • Use your 5-minutes for information that tells your story, shows your passion, and backs it up with credibility. . . Q&A will give you time to get more technical
  • Video yourself & watch it! Ask for presentation critique from others & Practice!

“5p’s: Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance” – Roger Cantello